Manifest Your Destiny show


We are happy to announce our new show:

Multi-award winning entertainer, Alvin Chea is a 32-year business veteran in the entertainment industry.

As a member of Take 6, the most awarded vocal group in the history of the Grammy’s, Chea understands the faith and perseverance it takes to succeed. Making his mark in music and business, he has worked for major companies providing work in film and television. His amazing talent as a voiceover artist, actor, composer and singer has been displayed for such notable companies as Disney, Nickelodeon, Paramount and DreamWorks, just to name a few. 

In our Manifest Your Destiny show with Alvin Chea,  participants will be given expert advice, knowledge and insights on how they can achieve their goals. Chea will share his wisdom on how to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles through faith and successful strategies. He will also enlist the aid of other experts and celebrities to help the participants prevail in following their dreams.

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