We reach millions with our campaigns!

Oasis Productions Inc. creates and manages strategies for promotions, advertising campaigns, branding and public relations. We provide marketing for projects for complete success.

Here are our areas of marketing services:

Our relevant marketing reaches audiences around the world. We provide engaging content thru commercials, social media advertising and print. Once we asses your needs, we produce quality and attention-grabbing content for your campaign.

Our outreach provides our high-level clients successful campaign strategies to boost brand awareness to hundreds of thousands of new subscribers and viewers. We ensure your brand and messaging is consistent across all online and offline outlets to help people find and follow you.

Our marketing strategies encompass branding across multiple platforms including websites, social media, television, radio and print. Our goal is getting your content out to your audience and keeping them coming back to you.

Digital distribution
We market across various digital outlets where you can reach your audience. Our distribution channels include Roku, Hulu, Apple TV, Smart TV and more. We provide you with a complete strategy to get maximum exposure within your budget.

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